Friend or Foe

Friends can be worse than enemies.  Do you have a friend who is always on their phone, tweeting this, insta that, whatsapp groups with mutual friends, facebooking selfies, IM’ing... Read more »

“Child-Lifting” Rumours On WhatsApp Lead To Mob Murders In India

The last few months has seen a trend of mob rule, lynchings, assaults and murders in the rural areas of India fuelled by false accusations, rumours and “fake news”... Read more »

Hide Specific WhatsApp Thread Images From Appearing In Your Gallery

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that lets you stop media in chat threads automatically downloading to your phones’ media gallery. Although it’s still only a test version of... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is a messaging service predominantly used on mobile phones. The main attraction for WhatsApp users is that it addresses two fairly fundamental issues with mobile messaging apps –... Read more »

LokiBot – Android banking malware that turns into ransomware

New Android banking trojan malware called “LokiBot” comes with ransomware capabilities which are triggered if the user tries to disable the malware’s admin rights or when victims try to remove it. Once... Read more »