Wi-Fi baby monitor hacked: Parents wake up to voice threatening to kidnap their child

A couple in Harris County, Texas, woke up to beeping — and the sound of a person talking through their baby monitor. The Wi-Fi camera, sold by Nest, has... Read more »

Google+ Second Data Breach.

Google+ was scheduled to shut its doors in August 2019, but the second security breach in only a few months has caused the company to move its plan forward... Read more »

DATA BREACH: Marriott Hacked – 500 Million Records

Marriott’s Starwood Members database has been breached, exposing details of over 500 million members. Marriott confirms that it has found that hackers had unauthorised access to the entire database... Read more »

WordPress GDPR Plugin Compromised

Vulnerabilities in the popular WordPress GDPR Compliance plugin, which has over 100,000 active installations have been exploited compromising thousands of websites. The plugin is designed to help websites and online shops... Read more »

Apple Blocks Police Hacking Your iPhone

Digital forensics company Grayshift markets its GrayKey hardware product to Law Enforcement Agencies, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Secret Service and some UK police forces and other agencies... Read more »

Instagram Account Takeover Hack

Reports of a new curious hack that takes over Instagram accounts are repeatedly circling. There are numerous reports of hacks on Reddit, and a Google Trends search shows a spike... Read more »

Friend or Foe

Friends can be worse than enemies.  Do you have a friend who is always on their phone, tweeting this, insta that, whatsapp groups with mutual friends, facebooking selfies, IM’ing... Read more »

Spy Hacked UK Woman’s Tinder Acct To Get Fighter Jet Secrets

A spy posed as the woman to sweet talk an RAF servicemen into revealing highly sensitive details about the F-35 Lightning II fighters. The UK Ministry of Defence confirmed the account had... Read more »

Adidas Security Breach

Sports company Adidas has released a statement informing customers that it is investigating a security incident adidas today announced that it is alerting certain consumers who purchased on adidas.com/US... Read more »

Ticketmaster UK Hacked

Ticketmaster issued a warning to its customers this morning that it had suffered a malware attack, exposing 45,000 customers data to hackers. The virus managed to access and copy... Read more »