Facebook Bug Exposed Photos Of 6.8 Million Users: How To Find Out If You Were Affected

Facebook recently disclosed that a bug may have affected 6.8 million users, exposing their photos to third-party apps. The social networking site said the bug lived for 12 days... Read more »

Chatspin Finds That Introverts Prefer Random Video Chat Platforms Over Traditional Social Media Outlets

Chatspin, makes the news… Chatspin, a popular random video chat app on mobile and desktop which connects strangers from around the world, has become a favorite networking site for... Read more »

17yr Old Girl Auctioned Off For Marriage On Facebook

With only 7,500 moderators and 2.2 billion users, Facebook must act more responsibly to protect against human rights violations, writes Susannah Birkwood. On 3 November, a 17-year old girl... Read more »

Google Maps Adds “Follow” Feature To Rival Facebook Pages For Businesses

Google Maps has been busy with update after update lately; but most interesting is a feature that allows users to “Follow” businesses. This means users can keep updated on news... Read more »

Facebook Data Scraping / Targeted Ads Used To Exploit #METOO Victims For Political Gain

The story of Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been widely reported. But some new details emerged during a CNN interview at the weekend. The Senator was found to have used... Read more »

Facebook Facing Massive Data Breach Fines

Facebook has been no stranger to data breaches, having suffered a few this year too. A few months ago it was fined a mere £500,000 as a result of... Read more »

US Gov Forcing Facebook to Allow It To Wiretap Messenger Conversations

Numerous reports over the last few days show that the US Department of Justice (DoJ) is aiming to pressure a judge into forcing Facebook to decrypt the messages of... Read more »

Instagram Account Takeover Hack

Reports of a new curious hack that takes over Instagram accounts are repeatedly circling. There are numerous reports of hacks on Reddit, and a Google Trends search shows a spike... Read more »

“Child-Lifting” Rumours On WhatsApp Lead To Mob Murders In India

The last few months has seen a trend of mob rule, lynchings, assaults and murders in the rural areas of India fuelled by false accusations, rumours and “fake news”... Read more »

Facebook Unblocked Your Blocked Contacts !

On Monday, Facebook revealed that a bug had affected the privacy settings of 800,000 users. The bug allowed users who’d been blocked on Facebook and Messenger to become unblocked... Read more »