THE BASICS: What Is Twitch ?

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. The service launched in 2011 as a spin-off to video streaming platform Twitch... Read more »

THE BASICS: What Is Social Engineering ?

SOCIAL ENGINEERING – The art of human manipulation to extract information without the subject knowing. Social Engineering is typically used by scammers to get details such as passwords and... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is Signal Messenger ?

Signal is a secure messaging app, that provides text messaging and voice call services. Signal uses strong encryption algorithms to encrypt the message connection between your device and the... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is Skype ?

Skype is a internet based messaging service, best know for its free video calling service. It is still widely used but more popular applications are now also providing the... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is a messaging service predominantly used on mobile phones. The main attraction for WhatsApp users is that it addresses two fairly fundamental issues with mobile messaging apps –... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is Twitter ?

Twitter is an internet based social network who’s main feature is that it allows users to post messages, pictures and short videos into a long ever flowing public message... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is YouTube ?

Youtube is a video sharing platform where users can view and upload video content. Each users’ space is arranged into “Channels” and users can arrange their uploaded videos into... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is an App ?

An App is a short term used to describe small application that runs on mobile computing devices (phones, tablets). Before the advent of the smartphone, mobile phones mostly did... Read more »

WHAT IS: The Darknet ?

The Darknet The darknet is name given to parts of the internet that are not accessible without special browsing software. If you have heard of “the darknet” you may... Read more »

WHAT IS: Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (cryptocurrency). A form of payment that only exists online. You can use it to buy products and services online from places that accept that... Read more »