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I’ve been automatically added to a Facebook Group that I didn’t join, how did that happen ?

Facebook recently changed the way Groups work. Before when someone saw a group they thought some of their friends would like, they could select the names and “suggest” it to them. Now, if people do this with an Open group (one that does not need an administrator to approve membership); then you are automatically added to that group and the joining activity is shown on your wall.

If you want to leave this group, simply click Leave Group. After you do this, nobody else will be able to automatically add you to this group, but you can rejoin later if you want to to so. More details on this here.

How can I find out my or someone elses Facebook ID number ?

To find out what your Facebook ID number is after you have changed your Facebook URL to a profile name – use the User Graph interface :

http://graph.facebook.com/first.lastname [this would be your normal Facebook URL]

This should then return a text extract from the Facebook database giving the basic details of that account record including the ID number in the top row.

I commented on someone’s picture and it was posted on my wall. Can everyone see it ?

Only people that can see what you wrote are those who can see the picture you commented on. So, it comes down to who the owner of the picture has allowed to see the picture (Friends, Friends of Friends, Everyone or a Custom List made up from their friends).


Why can I only DM some people I’m following and not others ?

An account needs to be following you before you can send a DM to them. Sometimes it does get in a bit of a twist and it can take a little while for it to realise that they are following you before it lets you send a DM to them – even if you can see them listed as a follower.