Android 9 Brings Significant Security Advancements

With Android 9 (also called Android Pie), Google focused on aspects such as platform hardening, anti-exploitation, hardware-backed security, and user privacy, each with its own set of enhancements and... Read more »

New Office365 Phishing Attack

Heads Up everyone, signs are that there are new Microsoft Office365 phishing emails on the rise. The new form found by Xavier Mertens (SANS), pretends to be an email... Read more »

Google Addresses Slow Android Security Update Cycle

Google has long been criticised for the long delays between Android upgrades. While iPhone users are merrily chowing down on regular OS updates, Android users have to wait for... Read more »

WordPress GDPR Plugin Compromised

Vulnerabilities in the popular WordPress GDPR Compliance plugin, which has over 100,000 active installations have been exploited compromising thousands of websites. The plugin is designed to help websites and online shops... Read more »

Apple Blocks Police Hacking Your iPhone

Digital forensics company Grayshift markets its GrayKey hardware product to Law Enforcement Agencies, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Secret Service and some UK police forces and other agencies... Read more »

“Android Nearby” To Cut Spam Notifications

Google has just announced that Android Nearby Notifications will no longer be sending spam messages to users after 6th December 2018. Google is shutting off Physical Web beacon notifications... Read more »

HeroRat – Android Malware

A new strain of Android malware has been discovered that exploits Telegram to communicate back to its masters converting the compromised device into part of a wider botnet. The... Read more »

KRACK – All WPA2 Wifi Devices Can Be Hacked

With the KRACK vulnerability publicized this week, anyone who uses a Wi-Fi-enabled device may be at risk for sharing unencrypted traffic with potential attackers who bypass WPA2 network security. The... Read more »