Free Download: iPhone User Guide for iOS 12.1

In preparation for the Apple Fall Event in NYC scheduled for Tuesday October 30th 2018, Apple has released the iPhone User Guide for iOS 12.1 -we expect to see... Read more »

Google Maps Adds “Follow” Feature To Rival Facebook Pages For Businesses

Google Maps has been busy with update after update lately; but most interesting is a feature that allows users to “Follow” businesses. This means users can keep updated on news... Read more »

Gab – Racist-Friendly “Uncensored” Social Network Banned By PayPal

Gab, the “free speech social media platform” used by people like Robert Bowers; the suspect in Pittsburgh’s synagogue shooting – is losing support. PayPal has banned Gab, while hosting company Joyent... Read more »

Apple Blocks Police Hacking Your iPhone

Digital forensics company Grayshift markets its GrayKey hardware product to Law Enforcement Agencies, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Secret Service and some UK police forces and other agencies... Read more »

Facebook Facing Massive Data Breach Fines

Facebook has been no stranger to data breaches, having suffered a few this year too. A few months ago it was fined a mere £500,000 as a result of... Read more »

Google Tracks Your Credit Card Purchases

Mastercard sells your credit card purchase information to Google. Google and Mastercard struck a secret deal worth around $10m; where Google gets access to the shopping data of Mastercard customers,... Read more »

Twitter Could Soon Say Who To Unfollow

There have been sightings of Twitter recommending user accounts to UNFOLLOW. Slate confirmed this with Twitter but they refused to say if the new suggestions will be rolled out... Read more »

US Gov Forcing Facebook to Allow It To Wiretap Messenger Conversations

Numerous reports over the last few days show that the US Department of Justice (DoJ) is aiming to pressure a judge into forcing Facebook to decrypt the messages of... Read more »

Instagram Account Takeover Hack

Reports of a new curious hack that takes over Instagram accounts are repeatedly circling. There are numerous reports of hacks on Reddit, and a Google Trends search shows a spike... Read more »

Friend or Foe

Friends can be worse than enemies.  Do you have a friend who is always on their phone, tweeting this, insta that, whatsapp groups with mutual friends, facebooking selfies, IM’ing... Read more »