“Child-Lifting” Rumours On WhatsApp Lead To Mob Murders In India

The last few months has seen a trend of mob rule, lynchings, assaults and murders in the rural areas of India fuelled by false accusations, rumours and “fake news”... Read more »

Tax For Using Social Media in Uganda

The govt of Uganda has imposed a tax on the public to use social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn: The tax was proposed by long-time leader Yoweri... Read more »

Facebook Unblocked Your Blocked Contacts !

On Monday, Facebook revealed that a bug had affected the privacy settings of 800,000 users. The bug allowed users who’d been blocked on Facebook and Messenger to become unblocked... Read more »

Rihanna Stalker Ordered To Give Police Access To Social Media Accounts

Los Angeles Police have obtained a warrant forcing Rihanna stalker Eduardo Leon to give them access to his social media accounts as part of his felony stalking case. Entertainment site TMZ... Read more »

Love Or Loathe The New FB ?

Facebook’s charm offensive starts to take stride with a one minute TV advert being aired across US networks. Take a look and see what you think here (apologies for... Read more »

Hide Specific WhatsApp Thread Images From Appearing In Your Gallery

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that lets you stop media in chat threads automatically downloading to your phones’ media gallery. Although it’s still only a test version of... Read more »

Klout Closes on GDPR Deadline Day

Klout is being shutdown on 25th May 2018. The Klout platform ran a social media influencer score rating system that allowed users to gauge their popularity, visibility and perception... Read more »

Twitter Passwords Unmasked – Staff Able To View 330m Users Passwords

Just in time for the weekend ( and #WorldPasswordDay ), Twitter announced that they detected a bug in their internal systems that protects users account passwords so internal staff... Read more »

Twitter: Mute Specific Words or Hashtags

You know the scene, you’re out or working late and you are recording a tv show to watch later, brand new movie has just come out and you ABSOLUTELY... Read more »