Wi-Fi baby monitor hacked: Parents wake up to voice threatening to kidnap their child

A couple in Harris County, Texas, woke up to beeping — and the sound of a person talking through their baby monitor. The Wi-Fi camera, sold by Nest, has... Read more »

Women are attacked on Twitter every 30 seconds: Amnesty International

Women of color are most frequently targeted, according to Amnesty International. A study of tweets received last year by 778 female U.S. and U.K. journalists and politicians revealed that they were... Read more »

17yr Old Girl Auctioned Off For Marriage On Facebook

With only 7,500 moderators and 2.2 billion users, Facebook must act more responsibly to protect against human rights violations, writes Susannah Birkwood. On 3 November, a 17-year old girl... Read more »

Mum Faces Anger For Turning 1yr-old Son Into An Instagram “Influencer”

A mother who turned her one-year-old son into a social media “influencer” has tried to defend her actions out after facing backlash for using the baby as a “revenue tool”. Stacey... Read more »

Facebook Data Scraping / Targeted Ads Used To Exploit #METOO Victims For Political Gain

The story of Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been widely reported. But some new details emerged during a CNN interview at the weekend. The Senator was found to have used... Read more »

Access All Data Apple Holds On You

Apple has updated its privacy pages to now allow US, Canadian, Australian & New Zealand user to be able to see all the information Apple has collected about them.... Read more »

France Bans Mobile Phones In Schools

The French government has passed a law banning the use of mobiles by children under the age of 15 in schools. The ban includes all personal mobile devices (phones, tablets,... Read more »