THE BASICS: What Is Twitch ?

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. The service launched in 2011 as a spin-off to video streaming platform Twitch... Read more »

THE BASICS: What Is Social Engineering ?

SOCIAL ENGINEERING – The art of human manipulation to extract information without the subject knowing. Social Engineering is typically used by scammers to get details such as passwords and... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is Signal Messenger ?

Signal is a secure messaging app, that provides text messaging and voice call services. Signal uses strong encryption algorithms to encrypt the message connection between your device and the... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is Skype ?

Skype is a internet based messaging service, best know for its free video calling service. It is still widely used but more popular applications are now also providing the... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is a messaging service predominantly used on mobile phones. The main attraction for WhatsApp users is that it addresses two fairly fundamental issues with mobile messaging apps –... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is Twitter ?

Twitter is an internet based social network who’s main feature is that it allows users to post messages, pictures and short videos into a long ever flowing public message... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is YouTube ?

Youtube is a video sharing platform where users can view and upload video content. Each users’ space is arranged into “Channels” and users can arrange their uploaded videos into... Read more »

THE BASICS: What is an App ?

An App is a short term used to describe small application that runs on mobile computing devices (phones, tablets). Before the advent of the smartphone, mobile phones mostly did... Read more »


On 25th May 2018, a new law will be implemented to protect the data and privacy of European citizens worldwide, the General Data Protection Regulation. The increase of data... Read more »

WHAT IS: Facebook ?

Facebook is an internet based social network. People can sign up for a free Facebook account and can then find and connect with other Facebook users (typically these tend... Read more »