Facebook Data Scraping / Targeted Ads Used To Exploit #METOO Victims For Political Gain

The story of Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been widely reported. But some new details emerged during a CNN interview at the weekend. The Senator was found to have used... Read more »

Facebook Facing Massive Data Breach Fines

Facebook has been no stranger to data breaches, having suffered a few this year too. A few months ago it was fined a mere £500,000 as a result of... Read more »

New McAfee Anti-Virus Tech Support Scam

A new tech support scam pretending to be from McAfee was discovered last week that is harvesting credit card details and personal information of its victims. The scam works... Read more »

Access All Data Apple Holds On You

Apple has updated its privacy pages to now allow US, Canadian, Australian & New Zealand user to be able to see all the information Apple has collected about them.... Read more »

Spotify Scam Steals Your Apple ID

A new report has highlighted a phishing scam doing the rounds, aimed at stealing Apple ID’s. The scam works by hackers sending you a false email receipt for a... Read more »

DATA BREACH: British Airways

UK airline British Airways has revealed that it was the victim of a massive sophisticated data breach that harvested the payment card details of over 380,000 passengers. Company: British... Read more »

Google Tracks Your Credit Card Purchases

Mastercard sells your credit card purchase information to Google. Google and Mastercard struck a secret deal worth around $10m; where Google gets access to the shopping data of Mastercard customers,... Read more »

Twitch: Users Private Messages Exposed

Twitch has alerted users that a “glitch” in an message archiving function has resulted in a random mismatch of messages ending up in the wrong users message archives. Twitch... Read more »

Staff Ego’s & LinkedIn Oversharing Introduce A Massive Corporate Security Risk

Everybody loves to boast and brag about their work achievements, what they do, where they work and people they have worked with. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn & Xing... Read more »

US Gov Forcing Facebook to Allow It To Wiretap Messenger Conversations

Numerous reports over the last few days show that the US Department of Justice (DoJ) is aiming to pressure a judge into forcing Facebook to decrypt the messages of... Read more »