My Social Network Has Been Hacked – What Do I Do ?

OK – so you have been informed that your usual / favourite social media site or app has been hacked. Firstly, lets not believe everything you hear – just yet. The fact that many so may site are suffering data breaches makes it easy to jump to panic at every notification. Although that’s not always bad reaction to have – hackers also play on that fear too and send out phishing emails to catch you out. With this in mind, you need to double check.

If you have received an email telling you your account has been hacked / breached and the email contains links for you to confirm or reset any information; it is more than likely fake and not legitimate. Service providers should never send out mails like that. A dose of skepicism is never a bad thing so go to you

What You Should Do Now:

  • Never follow links in mails informing of that your account has been hacked. But if you must and have no other option; then hover the mouse over the link and double check it is sending you to the correct companies website
  • Always use bookmarks or type the site URL into the browser yourself and double check for typos before pressing enter
  • Change your imgur user account password immediately
  • If you use the same email address & password combination on any other site or service, change those passwords immediately too

General Advice:

  • Always bookmark sites you visit regularly
  • Always use different passwords for every website, service and account you setup and use
  • Never use the same password that you use for your email account on any website, service or account
  • Use a password manager to help you create unique and secure passwords

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