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  • Linkedin Passwords Leaked

    FIRST THINGS FIRST THIS MORNING, if you use the business networking site linkedin, before you read any further - log in and change your password now. Last night it was reported that an "encrypted" copy (actually a hashed version) of 6.5 million users passwords was posted on a Russian hacking site. ...

  • TicketWeb Customer Database Hacked

    Customers of UK ticketing agency TicketWeb, a subsidiary of TicketMaster, received phishing emails from the company over the weekend after its direct email marketing system was hacked. Users received an email that told them their current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader was out of date, and asked them to upgrade to ...

  • German Police Use FaceBook Photos to Hunt Down Crooks

    Police in the German state of Lower-Saxony will soon use their networks of Facebook “friends” to find missing persons and hunt out suspected criminals, according to the state’s interior minister. The decision to use social media in manhunts follows the completion of a pilot scheme in the northern city of Hanover ...

  • Safer Internet Day – 7th February 2012

    On Safer Internet Day, more than 100 events in 30 European countries will encourage children, their families and teachers, to discover the digital world together. This is the ninth annual Safer Internet Day, celebrated in more than 70 countries worldwide as part of a global drive to promote safer Internet ...

  • Saudi Group Hack 400,000 Israelis

    A Saudi Arabian hacking group claims it has leaked information on up to 400,000 Israelis, including names, addresses and credit card details. The data dump follows a reported attack on Israeli websites and has already led to fraudulent use of the sensitive info. Credit card biz Isracard said it had issued ...

  • iMessage Still Leaks Your Messages To Stolen iPhones

    Victims of iPhone theft have discovered that remotely wiping the nicked kit won't stop iMessage content being delivered to the thief, who can continue to respond under the owner's name. The flaw was spotted by one David Hovis, whose wife had her iPhone lifted and promptly deactivated the mobile number, remotely ...

  • Siri Allows iPhone Security Overide

    Siri - the Apple iPhones' voice controlled personal assistant poses a vast security threat to your data, if left in its default mode - even when your iPhone is locked. The default setting for Siri allows it to accept and execute voice commands on a locked iPhone.  Activating the app on ...

  • Microsoft Denies XBox Live Network Hack

    Microsoft have denied a claim that Xbox Live has been hacked. The Sun newspaper in the UK reported that hackers "hacked into thousands of Xbox Live accounts to steal millions of pounds"  this morning; but Microsoft have denied that the Live network had been compromised and had said that gamers who ...

  • Diaspora Co-Founder Dies Aged 22

    Open-source social network Diaspora has launched a redesigned alpha version of its software, with invites going out to users of the site hours before it was confirmed that co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy, 22, had died. Diaspora is considered by some to be an alternative to Facebook's silo effect, with users supposedly being given ...

  • Valve Confirms Steam Hack

    The recent Steam hack may have compromised users' credit card numbers and other personal information, according to a message sent to Steam users from Gabe Newell, head of Valve. The company is certain the hackers gained access to a database with this encrypted information, but don't know if they took ...


In the list below, please select all the social networks that you use. If you think we’ve missed an important one, please post a comment and let us know!


An excellent news article in the Sydney Morning Herald this weekend by Ben Grubb showing you how not to advertise your party on Facebook : A New South Wales teen says she has called in the police after her Facebook  [ Read More ]

Facebook Justin Bieber Scam

Posted by Adm Categories: Facebook

“I can’t believe a GIRL did this just because of Justin Bieber.” This is the title of the latest “likejacking” / “clickjacking” scam thats hitting Facebook Bieber fans hard. This message is being posted on Facebook walls enticing you to  [ Read More ]


On Friday, Facebook offered its users a sneak peak at a major overhaul in how the site intends to present its privacy policy, and asked whether they like the idea. The facelift follows waves of criticism over user privacy on  [ Read More ]


Scammers are attempting to tap into users’ concerns about social network privacy with a tool that supposedly allows surfers to monitor who’s stalking them on Facebook. The rogue applications supposedly offer information about who has viewed one’s Facebook profile, and  [ Read More ]


#facebook has added more options for you to define your relationship status and announce it to the world. I know how much trouble some people have got it after changing the setting to “it’s complicated”; something tells me this is  [ Read More ]


Facebook Chat first went global on Windows Live Messenger a few weeks ago, having previously only been accessible in six regions. In a windows team blog post, Microsoft explained that since Facebook Chat on Windows Live Messenger went worldwide, 2.5  [ Read More ]


Facebook users have been subjected to another round of “clickjacking” attacks that force them to authorize actions they had no intention of approving. The latest episode in this continuing saga, according to Sophos researchers, is a set of campaigns aimed  [ Read More ]


The Dutch smartcard company Gemalto NV has developed an application that embeds Facebook on SIM cards, letting GSM phone users stay connected on Facebook without data plans. This move will open up Facebook connectivity to all mobile phone users and  [ Read More ]


Facebook was showing the love this Valentines Day – giving all its users a nice tight hug letting us all know we are safe and secure ! As we reported a few days ago, Facebook are starting to roll out  [ Read More ]

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