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Don’t Post Tickets Pics

Excited about receiving the tickets for your festival or your cheeky 1 week all-inclusive holiday in Marbella...


TIDAL – User Data Leaked

The music streaming service Tidal appears to have suffered a data breach exposing details of its userbase....

Seriously ?


Old Posts Don’t Matter, Right ?

Yet another high profile Twitter user has been caught up in all shades of trouble because they...

The Deep End

KRACK – All WPA2 Wifi Devices Can Be Hacked

With the KRACK vulnerability publicized this week, anyone who uses a Wi-Fi-enabled device may be at risk for...


Klout Closes on GDPR Deadline Day

Klout is being shutdown on 25th May 2018. The Klout platform ran a social media influencer score rating system...

Twitter Passwords Unmasked – Staff Able To View 330m Users Passwords

Just in time for the weekend ( and #WorldPasswordDay ), Twitter announced that they detected a bug in their...

Android Keyboard App Leaks Data of 31 Million Users

ai.type leaks 31m users personal data
Ai.type – the virtual keyboard app for Android has suffered a massive data breach. The company database was discovered...


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